• Maureen Elsberry

UK's The Anguished Man Just Might Be the Most Haunted Painting Ever

Ghosts aren’t limited to haunting just houses these days. Claims of ghostly residents have plagued a variety of inanimate objects from dolls, to statues, to furniture, to paintings, and it’s far more prominent than you might think.

One man thinks he just might be in possession of one of these objects. “The Anguished Man” was bestowed upon UK resident Sean Robinson by his grandmother, who must have really hated him. The story goes that she had been given the painting with the knowledge that the artist had used his own blood mixed with oils and then committed suicide soon after completing the piece. The Robinson family alleges that everything from strange noises to shadowed figures, fog, and downright evil follow the painting wherever it resides. 

Instead of taking a pick axe to the canvas or dropping it off at the donation bin at Goodwill, Robinson contacted professional monster hunter and Week in Weird co-founder Greg Newkirk to share some of his story:

A few nights I woke up suddenly and saw the dark figure of a man standing at the foot of the bed. . . The figure had the appearance of a tall middle aged man but his features were unclear. I never actually felt afraid at this point just extremely curious. I wanted to find out what was happening. Was it just my imagination or was there something paranormal happening? We started to notice numerous cold spots around the house and we often had a strange feeling of being watched. I often felt like someone was standing directly behind me and heard whispers that seemed to be extremely close by.”

Strange noises and shadowy figures seemed to be the least of Sean’s worries once family members began to fall down the stairs. Robinson wanted answers so he handed the painting over to a group of paranormal investigators to do some research. It appears the “research” consisted of taking the painting around to alleged haunted locations to see if activity would elevate around other ghosts. According to them, it did. To date, it is unclear if any actual real research was done and whether anyone thought to analyze the paint structure or to verify the origins of the painting. “The Anguished Man” is now back in Robinson’s possession, being closely monitored for unusual behavior.

So could this be the most haunted painting in existence, or is the ghostly activity surrounding the blood smeared face just a fabricated hoax? 

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