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Poet Anderson Meets the Science Behind Lucid Dreaming

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Lucid dreaming, the act of being able to acknowledge and control your dreams, has been a topic of fascination for centuries and has influenced films, books, art, and culture. Now a new multimedia project is taking lucidity to a new level.

Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker follows the epic adventure of Poet and his journey into the Dream World, an alternate universe formed by the collective unconscious of humankind. The project is the brainchild of Blink-182 cofounder and Angels and Airwaves front man Tom DeLonge, and includes an award-winning animated short, comic books, a novel, videos, and musical albums.

DeLonge explains, “Nightmares are basically tools to help prepare you for real world events. I loved the idea of this character being in your dreams and to guide you and protect you and inform your decision making in the real world. That’s where it spawned from.”

But the concept is far from being completely science-fiction. Lucid dreaming, while not overtly common, is in fact a proven reality. Scientists have long wondered how to accurately study dreaming, but recent experiments are beginning to shed light on the mysteries behind this bizarrely fantastical world.

Neuroscientists at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and the MP Institute of Psychiatry in Germany believe that they’ve discovered the part of the brain responsible for lucid dreaming, the anterior prefrontal cortex. In a study comparing frequent lucid dreams with those who’ve never, to their knowledge, had a lucid dream has shown that the prefrontal cortex is abnormally large in those invited to the dream playground.

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