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Mom, Teacher, Author, Badass: Meet Suzanne Young, Author of the Poet Anderson Book Series

This story originally appeared in full at ToTheStars.Media. Photo: Tom DeLonge and Suzanne Young (credit To The Stars)

New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Young might not appear to be a master of the dark teenage soul at first glance, but she is. Bright-eyed and cheery, Young was tired of freezing her ass off in her home state of Utica, New York, so she took extreme measures to thaw out and moved to Arizona. She currently spends much of her time sitting on her patio in the scorching heat writing about topics that are anything but sunny.

Some might describe her as a magical word-creating wizard, pumping out content left and right on a daily basis. She’s published a plethora of books but also cautions budding writers that she has many novels left unpublished, rejected by the sinister publishing powers that be.  The message here? If at first you don’t succeed, screw them just keep writing.

She is most well known for her series surrounding the overtly depressing topic of suicide, The Program. Set in a world where teenagers have started offing themselves left and right, suicide is ruled an epidemic. The only treatment is The Program in which memories are unwillingly erased from the minds of troubled patients. The Treatment follows the same characters in their attempt to eradicate this seemingly cruel abuse of power and ward off the feared lobotomy. In a set of precursors to The Program, she follows a different set of teens in the world building up to the eventual suicidal mess. The Remedy was just released this April, and The Epidemic is currently in production. Read them, they’re good. 

While there is certainly a lot of doom and gloom in her writing she also focuses on badass strong females who can conquer everything from perverted dudes in a position of power to paranormal demonic entities. There’s also a lot of lust; we’re talking teenage sexcapades at their finest. Plenty of talk about boobs, kissing, and shirtless males to tie anyone over. And seriously, what’s a good Young Adult novel without a bit of sex and complication? 

Her content depicts notions that are currently only fiction, but they tangle with reality just enough for the readers to sense the possibility of that world existing. She delves into the dark recesses of society able to capture the agony and misery humans manage to keep cooped up inside their minds.  After reading a letter from a series entitled Dear Teen Me, in which authors pen letters to their former teenage selves, it’s clear where a lot of Young's inspiration derives from. Key themes in her novels relate to feeling invisible and individuals being told that they don’t matter, issues she dealt with personally as a teen. She not only struggled with being on Welfare, she was forced to wear clothes from K-Mart. Any kid knows that’s often a red flag for abuse from dickhead bullies.

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